MLM Tips – Do You Really Want to Start With Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

We have all seen the ads for Pay per Click Marketing. The promise is great and it sounds like a sound plan but is this really the truth or is this just another way to make sure that you fill someone else’s pockets? I for one started off with a $4000 PPC internet marketing campaign which burnt a hole right through my pockets. In just three months I was broke and had not even broken into my MLM niche market.

So ask yourselves in all honesty is Pay per Click marketing really the first internet marketing techniques you should be focusing on in your MLM online business? I do not dispute the value of PPC marketing as it does work and continues to work for a group of online businesses; but as a newbie entrepreneur with not much of an internet presence there are other FREE internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), that you can combine with Pay Per Click marketing to drive targeted traffic to your site whilst building a successful no holes income online.


But just in case you are wondering what the difference is between Pay Per click marketing and basic SEO internet marketing strategies of which I advocate for the newbie entrepreneur, the answer is simple. PPC marketing like SEO is a tool that online companies use to make their websites more visible on search engines. The difference being that Pay Per Click marketing involves the setting up an account and writing of relevant ads, so that your website is more easily found and displayed in the “sponsored results” section, usually at the top or on the right side of the search engine page. Usually too some rules have to be applied for this internet marketing strategy to work properly.

So let’s assume you want to grow your team of online prospects and you need to provide them with internet marketing training on how to grow their own team. PPC marketing may require you to invest some money and this may discourage some of your team members. So it would be to your benefit to be able to train them in other more affordable avenues of internet marketing like SEO. With SEO, focus is on the writing of your website content around a particular keyword or phrase so that when people conduct a search using this keyword or phrase, your site is found.

For people with no budget (unlike PPC marketing where you are bound to burn hundreds if not thousands of dollars), SEO is a good way of getting started online the cheap way. Plus you won’t have to spend too much on internet marketing training either.

Some of the basic SEO internet marketing techniques you can use include:

a) Article writing: Writing of compelling articles that can be submitted to article directories thereby increasing your online visibility

b) Blogging: Start your own blog where you can freely market your products and services by writing compelling, relevant and quality content on them. This is also a great way to interact with your customers on a regular basis and develop some trust.

c) Link building: Link to other sites that shares similar content and which also have relevant content as well. No point linking to sites selling computers when you’re selling cosmetics.

d) List building: Develop a responsive opt in email list. This will help you grow a database of niche customers that you can keep selling to.

e) Website promotion through writing and publishing of frequent press releases on your products and services.

f) Affiliate Marketing: Allow others to sell your products on your behalf. This will encourage your clients to help you with some of the work of improving your online visibility.

The above list of SEO internet marketing techniques is by no means exhaustive and can be combined with PPC marketing for best results. But remember before you go off running a PPC internet marketing campaign; if you’re just getting started, first find your online footing and ensure you understand fully what you are getting into.


Web Based Marketing Exposed

Web based marketing is a good way to do business and could be beneficial to both marketers and clients with the assistance of modern technology. Web marketing is way cheaper compared to any other mediums of marketing. The importance of web based marketing is continuing to expand your marketing. One of the great benefits of this marketing is the robust, granular control over the data feedback loop from your marketing efforts. Although web based marketing is the fastest growing segment of marketing budgets and market penetration, it is important that web based solutions be supported by traditional print media.

Marketing, the process of introducing, advertising, and selling products, services, and ideas to consumers, will continue to be a critical industry in the global marketplace. It is a dynamic discipline, one that must adapt quickly to new technologies, new products, and new consumer tastes. the marketing of products on the internet not only demands using sophisticated selling strategies but also demands lots of planning.

Within the definition of web based marketing you will find mention of pay per click advertising, banner ads, e-mail, search engine (including search engine optimization), blogs, and articles. The importance of web marketing is continuing to expand your sales process. The relevant findings appear to support literature suggestions of differences between earlier and later adopters of the Internet, as well as of linkages between using the Internet as a source of corporate revenues and the phase/stage of web site development.

Business owners must often decide if outsourcing web based marketing is the best course of action. Businesses and organizations have the opportunity to capture a greater proportion of the market and expand their target market. They are admittedly viewing marketing as a way of understanding and implementing cultural differences and preferences. They also view marketing on the web as a way of gaining a competitive advantage over the competition. Whether a business owner decides to begin doing the work herself or by hiring a web marketing company, a long-term web marketing strategy must be developed, implemented, and adjusted over time for the best results.

Internet marketing is the use of the web to advertise and sell items. The Internet has greatly changed how advertising is accomplished and how products are sold. A major building block when establishing a strong Internet presence is a quality website. Search engine optimization and the savvy use of keywords are also important tools in directing Internet traffic to a particular site. Professional webmasters can guide businesses large and small through the process of building a cutting edge Internet presence.

Web Based Marketing is highly recommend if you’re considering any type of online marketing. Many companies now hire internet presence management personnel to insure that the web based marketing is being done effectively. The primary advantages to web marketing is that the marketing is more targeted than the traditional methods. An integral part of this type of marketing is building business partners who will act as your ‘down line’. Every business needs some sort of marketing strategy and when you are web based it is even more important.