Why You Should Consider Printing Equipment Leasing and Financing

One of the biggest expenses anyone has to think about when they are setting themselves up to run their own business is equipment. It can represent a major part of your original overhead costs, and can be a stumbling block for many a startup, especially when seeking financing for business funds. Financing equipment on your own can be tough, especially when you do not have a lot of credit. The simple, and easier to deal with, answer for business owners is leasing what you need. And, printing equipment leasing and financing is now easier than it ever was before.

Lower Overhead and Lower Startup Costs

By getting everything you need through printing equipment leasing and financing with an experienced and reputable leasing agency, setting up even the smallest office in any business operation costs less. Instead of investing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars into equipment that begins to depreciate as soon as you leave the store, you can start your business with quality equipment for a lot less than it would cost otherwise.

By negotiating an affordable lease contract for the majority of your office equipment, you reduce your startup costs considerably, and do not have to include any of it within any loans that you may need to negotiate to get your business off the ground. And, the costs involved with leasing your equipment will be far lower than you can get financing it on your own, even through the banks you do business with.

Expert Installation and Upgrades

If you purchase any computer equipment on your own, you will most likely have to also install it yourself. Unless you have several tech savvy techs on your payroll, you are probably going to need help getting everything set up, with the right software, and networked together. Sure, some of the big box outfits have their own dedicated squads of techs that can do that for you, but it will cost you. Leasing agencies, on the other hand, will often deliver the equipment, set everything up for you, plus networking, software and customer support, and any costs, if any, will be included in the lease agreement, with the costs spread out over the calculated payment plan.

Anyone who keeps up with today’s technology knows that nothing lasts forever, sometimes not even a year. Should you require upgrades on your equipment, instead of sending everything back, at a loss, and purchasing the new equipment, you can always return your leased property and negotiate a new lease on the up-to-date items. Some leasing agencies even provide that option as part of their leasing contracts, anyway.

Maintenance Included

An added incentive for business owners to consider printing equipment leasing and financing is the biggest continual operating cost of them all: maintenance. Under the average leasing contract, all regular maintenance of all equipment, plus repair costs, are generally included. Everything is done by the same people who assisted in its setup, and if anything needs to be removed for repair, a replacement can be provided, so you do not have any downtime for your operation. You cannot get that dealing with the big box outfits.